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Silly Type Foundry is an initiative of graphic and type designer Tariq Heijboer aiming to share unusual and strange typographic projects with a spontaneous character. Starting from Tariq's own fascination for the power of language and the alphabet, the Silly Type Foundry displays works of various artists and designers with a similar interest. They are all an interplay of image and type, visual and verbal. Most projects at the Silly Type Foundry were initially designed for a specific project and are now revisited and made accessible as a font. Silly Type Foundry just started but we continue to extend the font collection and are open for contributions.


Website by Joël Galvez


This project is made possible thanks to the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL.


Specially thanks to; Sophie Kiesouw, Joël Galvez, Meeus Ontwerpt, Bold Decisions and Radim Pesko for their advices.


No part of this website may be reproduced without written permission by the designer(s) and Silly Type Foundry.


Silly Type Foundry
Oostelijke Handelskade 12-G, 1019BM, Amsterdam (NL)