End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)

1 General terms and conditions


This end-user licence agreement is a legally binding contract between the user and Silly Type Foundry for the use of font software associated with this agreement.


Upon payment of a licence, you become a licenced user not an owner of the font software. Purchased fonts remain, in whole, copyright and intellectual property of the designer of the font and Silly Type Foundry.


This font software associated with the licence agreement always remains under the intellectual and proprietorial ownership of Silly Type Foundry. All copyrights, trademarks and other rights belong to Silly Type Foundry exclusively.


This end-user licence agreement is governed by the laws of The Netherlands. The user of the Silly Type Foundry font software confirms to have read this licence agreement and agrees to all obligations and conditions.


The user is not allowed to reproduce, distribute, modify or manipulate the purchased font in any way, unless agreed upon prior to the purchase.


2 Specific usage and restrictions


The font software can only be purchased as a personal licence. For any other licences and purposes Silly Type Foundry needs to be consulted and a project specific licence agreement needs to be formulated.


This personal licence allows one (1) user to install and use the font software on a maximum of three (3) personal computers only.


The usage of the font software is personal and non-commercial. Meaning it can only be used for printed matter in no larger addition then ten thousand (10.000), video or film with a maximum of fifty thousand (50.000) views. And no more fifty thousand (50.000) monthly web views.


The user of the font software agrees to include the name of the font designer(s) and the Silly Type Foundry in the colophon or credits of any project the font is used for.  


3 Warranty


All font software of the Silly Type Foundry is tested and approved to be functional within what could be expected.


The different fonts purchased by the user are designed by different designers for different purposes and therefore quality may differ. Although the Silly Type Foundry cannot be held accountable for the different technical conditions, we will try to solve any occurring technical and practical problems.


Keep in mind that all of the Silly Type Foundry font software are experimental designs. Therefore, The Silly Type Foundry cannot be held accountable for any mistakes or errors within the software.


For any questions and/or concerns about the font software, please contact the Silly Type Foundry and we will respond adequately.